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Sunday, January 11, 2015

One Month

It's already January 11th!?!?!

Has one month seriously gone by since I last wrote a post?

Geez...I wasn't kidding about the "blackout period".  I've literally been busy with work...this entire time!  Heck, I was so busy with work that I didn't even finish decorating my apartment for Christmas!!! Believe it or not, that was something I really struggled with...and complained to my boyfriend about it constantly.  I don't like, pardon my french, I don't like "half-assing" things.  I like to finish what I start....and December didn't allow me to finish or complete any projects that I had started (my personal projects - I finished all my professional projects for my job).

 I DID make it a point to get my family's gifts wrapped and shipped...they did it get it the day AFTER Christmas but it got there!!!

On Friday - I told myself I'd hire a maid to clean my apartment because I felt like I had fallen so far behind.  And then, I thought, "that's stupid. Who hires a maid to clean an apartment? You hire a maid to clean a 4 bedroom house...not a 2 bedroom apartment....Just go home and at least clean the bathroom."

Sure enough, I went home and cleaned my bathroom.  It was quick and wasn't so bad...I felt motivated so I threw all the towels in the wash and had it dried and folded with an hour later.  Hmm, I thought, "What maid? I can totally do this!"

Decided to go to bed instead.

Went to work Saturday and when I got home...I decided to clean the kitchen - I even got down on my knees and scrubbed the floor...Needless to say, it's spotless!

Relaxed with the boyfriend with a lovely dinner and watched a movie.

Today - I FINALLY took the Christmas tree down, put the decorations in the half filled boxes still sitting in my dining room.  I took the boxes out the garage and stored them and when I came back inside, I cleaned my dining room and living room.  My apartment is SPOTLESS!  It felt soooo good!

I know this seems silly but this is a personal task that I was excited and proud to have completed for the year 2015!  Great start!  Yes, it's obvious I need to take a vacation!

Which brings me to my next point!  I am going to take a short weekend trip to Vegas in March.  My best friend from high school, Lindsay is turning 30 and invited me a few months ago but I am finally putting the plan into action.  It's going to be a short weekend but it is going to be fun-filled and well deserved.  I am so excited!

My FIRST real vacation....since my vacation to Mexico with my family in February of 2013!

It's been 3 years.

That is way too long...(in my opinion).

I say it's time to take a vacation and enjoy myself.  I've earned it.  I will be definitely be taking SEVERAL vacations this year and I cannot wait!  It's going to be wonderful and I'm excited to finally go and see the world!

But for stop, VEGAS!



PS - In case you were curious....the tree was really pretty this year - here's a peek at it!

I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas a great start to the new year!