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Monday, July 27, 2015

It's July....

no, it's ALMOST the end of July....

Last post -, what did April bring for me?


 ------Bridesmaid Dress Shopping
-------Working.... (A LOT!)
------- Easter Celebration with my best friend, Derek & his family
-------The rest, I don't really remember, it's all been a blur.


------I went home to Kansas City's for Mother's Day, got to see my Granny and Papa and just spend time with my family.  It was lovely...and a visit that flew much by too quickly.
------ Had a work accomplishment (had the biggest sales month ever and exceeded all my goals & gained national recognition for the 7th month in a row)
------ Baby Brother graduated 8th grade
------ Started packing up apartment/purging & searching for new place due to lease ending


-------Threw Andrew a surprise birthday party & pulled it off - he was confused more than shocked but then it clicked in his brain later on that everyone was their to celebrate him and toast him into the last year of his 20's.  Welcome to 29, Andrew!
-------Bridal Shower for one of my best friends, Spencer
------Signed lease on an apartment just south of the downtown area (Barton Springs)
-------Got called into work on the day I was moving to be told that they were shutting my store down...Yes, that's right.  The 4th up and rising store in the nation is being shut down...I sat in my office with my District Manager and his boss was on the speaker phone...they took a few minutes just beating around the bush before they got to get to the point and tell me,  I'm not sure who was more crushed - me or them.  My boss and I were just stunned, shocked and saddened...I'll save all that for the next post - it was a rather intense chapter...(day, week, month)....but I can tell you they quickly found out who the person was behind 'Don't mess with Tech!'...
-----Our friends, Chase & Missy had their baby and we fell in love with Max! (and our baby fever may have slightly kicked in but we love, oooh and snuggle with Max every chance we get!)


-----Housewarming Party (4th of July party!)
-----Bachelor/Bridal Party
-----Being the Maid of Honor and Andrew as one of the groomsmen in one of the most beautiful/special ceremony I have ever been part of.  <3
-----Transferring to another store help out at -  (pays the bills despite a huge cut in pay...gotta count your blessings and not your problems)
-----Uh birthday is in 4 days.

The Big 3-0!

Not sure whether to laugh or cry about that.  I loved my 20s!

You'll hear more from me soon enough - in a few more days after the big 3-0 hits and if it traumatized me or empowered me...I'm going for the latter.