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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween/Fall Decor Post 2015

Well Hello!  

I know it's November 3rd...or should I say November 4th....

Way over due for a blog post  (AGAIN!)

But at least I haven't given up or forgotten, just really occupied! 

Originally, I wasn't even going to decorate for Fall/Halloween in the apartment, the new one....  you see, My store was shut down and I got moved to a different location to help out and well, that location...Let's just say the commute really SUCKS!

I'm in my car for almost 3 hours a day just commuting to and from where I live to the store I'm helping out at...TRAFFIC in Austin is INSANE!  I'll be honest...I get pretty cranky just dealing with the commute and I tend to focus on the 3 hours that I've lost to the daily commute and think of WHAT ELSE I could be dedicating myself to during those 3 hours a day daily....instead of sitting in my car reading magazines or listening to the 'new hit music' these days....Realistically, I listen to the Justin Timberlake or Britney Spears station and Michael Jackson is included on there for 'oldies'....Ugh.  Am I really that old?

Anyways, I told myself that I'd just take it easy and not worry about the appearance of the apartment during the holidays....(this mean suffocating my desire to DECORATE for the Holidays....each and EVERY one of them...)

I told myself....'Just decorate for's not a huge sacrifice'....   and It's really not but for every girly girl, we like to decorate, we like to be overachievers and we like to seize the opportunity for creativity.

By October 1st, my boyfriend is in my kitchen making dinner and he just blatantly asks me, 'Are you not decorating for Fall this year?'  I responded casually by saying, 'No, I think I'm only going to decorate for Christmas this year, I'm in the car on my daily commute for way longer than I anticipate and I don't think anyone cares anyways.'  He responds with, 'Oh okay, I see where you are coming from but I like it when you decorate, it makes everything cozy & you always do a great job.'  

As soon as he said that,  I knew I had to....and I knew it was a wonderful compliment so it motivated me to make the time for it....

I decided to decorate a little for fall, not crazy as last year but enough for it to stand out in the living room and foyer...  

I will post up pictures manana once I get my photos synced to my Verizon Cloud

I just wanted to let Andrew's family and my family know we are still alive and well and up to date on holidays and life....I will strive to be more disciplined on updating everyone.  :o)