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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Entering the Black-Out Period

It seems like I have "disappeared" for awhile...

"Disappeared" as in not being on social media anywhere as much, or if I am, it's only just for a few minutes to glance at the newsfeed..."Disappeared" as in not responding to texts or if I do respond, I'm hours behind on the timing of the response,  "Disappeared" as in being extremely behind on mail and e-mail - my inbox is full of messages that have yet to be checked - My work email is alot better than my personal one but that's because I'm required to be on top of my work email (I mean, they PAY me to do my job and part of my duties is reading my email or typing them out all day long),  my "actual" mail is in several piles on a table off to the side in my apartment - pretty much all unopened.  

Disappeared. a certain time of the year. I have officially entered the "Black-Out" Period of the Retail World.

What's a Blackout Period?  It's the time that the retail world decides that ANY and ALL of its employees will be required to be dedicated to work November 15th to January 5th with absolutely no vacation, no PTO's, no holiday travel or holiday time. (You see, when you accept a job in the retail world, you sign a paper stating that you will work holidays and weekends and nights - those are the hours.)  It's also a period where you will work longer hours, you will work overtime and you will have more deadlines to meet.  It will not be a choice, it will not be an option, you will have to just work the longer hours irregardless of what you want or what you think you deserve.

That is why I haven't been around as much.

I have been working longer hours...I have been doing overtime.  Everything gets put on the back burner and honestly, this feels like

Work has consumed my life.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow being the last day of November  All of my deadlines will be met and I'm glad to say that I'm exactly where I need to be...even though the stakes are higher, the bar has been set HIGH for success.  And I completed it - tomorrow is just 'breathing room' at work but dang, it feels good to know that my store has broken the record for the highest sales for the month of November at that location...and we just beat it yesterday.

Although work consumes my life as of lately - I also have the attitude of gratitude.  I am back in the city that I love,  I have wonderful family and I miss them very much but cherish them & maintain a close relationship with them all, I have amazing friends, I have the sweetest boyfriend and I have a job that I enjoy very much.

  I have more than enough.

Yes, the hours are long and I don't like not having my holidays - but I am grateful.  My holidays are anywhere from Januart 6th to November 14th.  :)

So if it seems I have disappeared.... that the texts are few and far between, just know that I'm super busy with work, thinking of y'all and wish y'all a wonderful holiday and I miss you!

I hope y'all had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving.



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