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Sunday, November 2, 2014


Costume Party.

Wasn't sure if Andrew & I'd be going to one this year- no one we hung out with seemed to be planning one this year.

Then Andrew and I got invited to a costume party that someone decided to throw together at the last minute. We did get about six days of notice.  It took me almost 3 days to figure what I wanted my costume to be...

Andrew laughed at my costume idea. 

 He thought it was silly.  

Imagine how much sillier he thought it was whenever I told him he could do it with me - do the costume with me.  

He decided he'd go as a rock star!

Anyways, we had the day off together on Wednesday  - we went out on a lunch date and ran a few errands - after that, I told Andrew I wanted to stop at Target to pick up a few supplies to make my costume with.  He said that was fine and said he'd help me put it together.

We go into the aluminum foil/baking aisle at Target  I'm looking for the aluminum foil tray that people cook turkey in - As soon as we spot them,

Andrew decided he wanted to be a NINJA TURTLE with me!!!

We got 2 of those trays - an oval shape for me and a rectangle shape for him.  We grab mini spray paint cans in green and white - 2 green cotton tee shirts, a little green yarn, & some yellow fabric paint. We also got some red and purple fabric.  Then we headed home...

As soon as I set everything up- Andrew took over and started participating in the craft with me.  We painted our 'turtle shells' and whjpped the yellow fabric paint out and dipped a sponge into the paint to create our little '6-packs' onto the shirts.  - Andrew ended up making 2 manly pecs onto his shirt- it turned out quite well!

I'm pretty sure Andrew may have had just a little more fun than I did because he did most of the painting of our turtle shells!  Ha ha ha!  Looks like I might be able to get him to do an arts and crafts night with me once in awhile!

Here's the aftermath- I didn't get as many pictures as I thought I did!  :o(

That's all that I have!  :o(

I will have to ask a few friends and see if there's anymore and hopefully I can post them up soon!

Ah - here's one more!!!

(Yes, I am wearing a tutu!!!)

Don't we look like we can kick some booty!!!!  

I loved that I got to 'create' Andrew & I's costume - I also love it even more that he jumped onto the train with me and wanted to make the costumes with me and wear one!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!



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