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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Decorated my place for Fall 2 weeks ago - Here are the results!

Summer is actually my favorite season.

I love the blazing hot sun, the warmth on my skin and all the activities I throw myself into the outdoors and the water.

Autumn seems like such a rude ending to summer.  School is back in session, the holiday season in the retail world keeps me extremely busy - longer hours, trainings for promotions and new phones coming out within weeks between each launch.

It's nice to come home and relax with a pumpkin ale and sit on the balcony in the evening's gentle breeze.  Fortunately, Austin has nice weather all year round and I don't have to dread the winter like many others that live further up north do.

So I am content with the warm fall weather in this fair city splat in the middle of Texas.

When it comes to decorating- I do love FALL!

Last year in Dallas - I went crazy with the pumpkins - I had decorated my apartment with mini pumpkins - white pumpkins, orange pumpkins, squash and I discovered the fairy tale pumpkins!  I must confess I splurged a little too much on those pumpkins.

This year, I told myself to have a little more self-control.

The fact that I could barely find any fairy tale pumpkins at HEB and Walmart - they were scarce and the few I did find, they were moldy or just not like cute in my eyes.

Which brings me to the point of this blog - I decided this year I would be "creative" and actually make my own decorations.  I love looking on pinterest for ideas & always wanted to be 'crafty' like some amazing artsy people I know - my mother and my cousin, Danielle are so extremely talented and I wish I was alot more crafty like them - but I realize that I could be crafty if I just take a chance and put some time into it.  

I ventured out to Hobby Lobby and Michaels (the craft store) for ideas and inspiration - and for the first time, I didn't feel overwhelmed in the aisles of the crafts trying to wonder what I could do with this and that.  I felt inspired and excited.

As much as I love pumpkins, I decided my theme for this year would be...

Candy Corn!!!

That's right, I decided to do something a little different and boy did I have a blast with it!

I made this.  Styrofoam cones with yarn wrapped around it!  So easy & so fun to make!

I made this candy corn tree - I enjoyed this craft the most - All I needed was a colored jar, a tree branch that I found laying on the ground outside my apartment - some hot glue and bags of candy corn galore!

So much you can do with candy corn - I put it in this cute little vase and put a candle in it and just filled it with candy corn.  :o)  I think it turned out pretty cute!

Other small decorations around the house!!!

The next picture I'm going to post is a wreath that I made for my front door.  I made the whole thing from scratch.  I had purchased a styrofoam wreath last year in the hopes of wanting to make a cute wreath for Christmas but I felt so overwhelmed in the crafts aisle and my mind was having an artist's blank.  I couldn't picture anything.  So when I pulled it out of a craft box a few weeks ago, I thought I'd just do something more Halloween with it - One trip to Hobby Lobby and I just grabbed random pieces and wrapped it with a beautiful sheer glittery fabric and then added stuff to it.  I am happy with how it turned out and even more proud that I didn't have to steal an idea from Pinterest.  It's an original.  :o)

I feel like the wreath looks way cooler in person but the pictures will have to do for now.

I'm going to enjoy this all until November 1st - I will take the Halloween things down and replace it with some more pumpkins - maybe I'll make a turkey (not the turkey in the oven kind!)

I think Andrew is proud of me for the little budding talent within me but pretty impressed that I did all this stuff for less than $15!

More money for Christmas shopping!

Hope y'all enjoy!




  1. Oh Megan all so cute. I love candy corn! The wreath is wonderful, especially the owls! Really like all your decorations. I used to have a pumpkin collection I decorated with every year. Andrew should have fond memories of fall. Glad you are back in Austin with no harsh winters. Happy fall -- much love...

  2. Aww thank you Emily - so glad you enjoyed the post! I made some halloween cards and I will be mailing them tomorrow- to you and Kelly, my parents, my brother, my grandparents - one for Moses and one for Andrew's Granny! :o)