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Monday, October 27, 2014

In this Apartment

My absolute favorite room in this apartment would have to be


I think it's the prettiest room in this apartment - I must confess that not only is this apartment one of the fanciest I've ever lived in... the kitchen is the fanciest one I've ever had.  I love the state-of-the-art furnishings and granite countertops & stainless steel!

Surprisingly - you'd think my next sentence would say that I love to cook and that I cook all the time.  I actually do like to cook from time to time but rarely do I get to cook...let me emphasize on rarely - I maybe get to cook ONCE, maybe TWICE a month if I'm lucky.

My favorite thing that I love even more about this kitchen is that my boyfriend is the one in this kitchen cooking.  He cooks for me about 5 to 6 evenings a week.  He LOVES to cook! Ladies, I definitely recommend finding yourself a man that loves to cook - it's definitely a real treat!  :o)

The nice thing about having a boyfriend that loves to cook - I only have to do the dishes.  Nothing too crazy, right?  Well, most of the time, it's not bad but sometimes- if Andrew gets a little overzealous & a little too passionate - the kitchen can actually turn into a disaster!  The delicious meals he creates sure do make up for it and hit the spot just right for me.

When I first met Andrew - we worked for the same company (we still work for the same company) - it took a little while to get to know him but after an extended period of time (he was pretty shy around me), I ended up stopping by his apartment one evening to pick up something and he was in the kitchen cooking- he made these chicken tacos and insisted that I try one.  One bite of that and I was drawn in & completely impressed. (I'm pretty sure I had 2 & had to refrain myself from helping myself to a third taco!)  I have a lot of guy friends but even they didn't possess the culinary skills & passion for food that this bachelor did!

Sure enough, after being friends for awhile, we started dating.  I must say that he has now turned me into a complete foodie!  I love food - I love trying new things and man, do I like GOOD food!

The only downside to all of this...

It has ruined my restaurant experience!

I'm so used to his cooking and how well he cooks - he impresses all our friends with his stellar cooking that I don't really like dining out that much.  Whenever I do dine out, once I take a bite or two of their food, all I can think is that I wasted my money and that we could have had something better to eat at home.  

When I do dine out or when Andrew & I go out on a dinner date - it's typically sushi or an asian restaurant and some good ole Texan BBQ!  There are a handful of local Austin restaurants that we adore going out to eat and we still check out many new places to try - but Andrew's cooking is my absolute favorite.

I feel bad for our future kids - they are not gonna like eating at their friends' houses because they will like their Daddy's food better!  That's a way from now so maybe our future kids' friends' parents can try to step their game up in the meantime?  Ha ha ha!

Andrew's dream is to have his own restaurant and one of the things he wants to do is to open up a food truck as a stepping stone to having his own restaurant someday.  He already has an idea and a delicious menu set up for a food truck.  We have a wonderful friend in Dallas that said that he would help Andrew out and invest in this opportunity.  Andrew's dream may turn into a possibility and I hope we can turn that into a reality someday soon.  I feel that is something he will seriously look into after the holidays and I'll be right there with him!

Mmmmmm!  Andrew is cooking my dinner right now for the two of us and a few friends.  I'm off to go enjoy myself a delicious meal!

Happy Dining!



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