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Monday, October 13, 2014

Let me Introduce myself

My name is Megan.

Everyone calls me Meg.

I currently reside in Austin, Texas - truthfully, I have been calling this city my home since January of 2009 and I couldn't imagine ever living in another city.

Although, I did live in Dallas from June 2013 till May of 2014.  Dallas was NOT my cup of tea and I was so excited to move back to Austin.  :)

My friends all live here - they have become my family.

My amazing family resides in Kansas and in the Washington D.C. area - which brings me to the point of creating this blogspot.  I decided to create this blogspot so that family and friends from all over can have a daily peek into my life and what all is going on.  My cousin Danielle has one and I enjoy reading hers so much and following up on her life and how her kids are doing -  I knew that my parents and my boyfriends' family would enjoy having a daily look into our lives.  :)

I know that I have facebook but I feel like it's not quite so personal and that this blogspot will be more enjoyable for others.  

I plan to post a little bit of everything - places that I've visited, food that I've eaten/a recipe that Andrew and I tried out and absolutely loved, DIY crafts, social gatherings with friends, music shows or outdoor activities --- just a little of everything on here & I know y'all will enjoy it.



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